Sunday, November 2, 2008

Take care of yourself and take care of your inner beauty

Let us talk about beauty from a different angle!

We have our own criteria for judging the beauty of a woman. We look the beauty of a lady from a certain angle and then pass the remarks whether she is beautiful or not. It's not fair. Let me tell every woman that she is unique and beautiful.

The business of beauty is thriving everywhere. Women are spending much of their time and money on buying beauty products. Even in the third world countries, women living below the poverty line, buy cheap and substandard beauty products, which give more harm to their skin than good.

It's the fundamental right of every woman to look beautiful. Every woman wants to listen the sweet words "you are beautiful". But the beauty of a woman is far from her looks or figure. Physical beauty is only one aspect while a beautiful charming personality is a complete blend of many fine characteristics such as good manners, etiquette, behavior, smile, intelligence, sense of humor, social and family values etc., all make a woman look beautiful and attractive.

Didn't you know that there is a marked difference between a carefully hand woven expensive Persian carpet and a cheap machine made carpet. Both of these cannot be equated. A beautiful woman is like an elegant hand-knotted Persian carpet. Each and every silky, colorful thread of her character, nicely woven into her personality, gives a woman an everlasting beauty and attraction.

Looks are very important indeed but the characteristics of a person are much more important. Besides taking care of your physical beauty, why not think of improving your inner beauty. The beauty which everyone admires is becoming a rare commodity these days. While on your way to a beauty parlor keep on thinking ways of improving your inner beauty.

Take care of yourself and take care of your inner beauty
. No doubt you are a beautiful person.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lose Menopause Weight Gain

As you approach menopause, it’s not unusual to gain weight, especially around your mid-section. You have likely not changed your eating habits or level of activity, but the weight continues to accumulate, even if you’re still experiencing regular periods. Most women begin to notice this added weight while they’re in their thirties or forties, and are frustrated by the fact that the weight is not quite as easy to lose as it was a few years prior.

The weight you’re now noticing is perfectly normal and is the result of declining hormone levels as you approach menopause (perimenopause). As your estrogen levels decline, your body will naturally look for other places from where to get the estrogen it needs. Unfortunately for us women, fat cells can produce estrogen, therefore, your body works extra hard to convert your consumed calories into fat.

Not only are your estrogen levels declining, but your body’s testosterone levels are declining too. Testosterone is a necessary hormone to convert your calories to lean muscle mass; as your levels of testosterone decline, the result will mean a loss of muscle. If you no longer have the necessary muscle mass to burn calories, the food you’re consuming will result in fat accumulation.

Fortunately, if you have the determination to lose the extra weight you’re now carrying around, you will do so successfully. The only obstacle between you and a successful weight loss would be a lack of determination and discipline on your part; I sincerely doubt this is the case due to the fact that you found this article because you’re obviously looking for solutions.

Now that you understand the havoc your hormones are capable of wreaking, you now have a clearer picture of what it is you need to do to lose the weight you’ve gained due to declining hormone levels. You see, simply cutting calories is no longer enough to reduce or eliminate the weight you’ve gained around your mid-section. Muscle plays a crucial role in weight loss, so it’s imperative to build muscle in order to have your body burn calories around the clock.

I’m not suggesting anything extreme, but getting into a regular exercise program, which includes cardiovascular workouts, as well as weight training at least three days a week will result in a much leaner body.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward having a body that is healthy, beautiful, lean and toned.

Author Info:

Susan Megge: Susan Megge is the founder of, a website designed to assist mature women as they approach and experience menopause. Susan, a health and fitness expert, started experiencing symptoms of menopause several years ago and researched various avenues to deal with these symptoms naturally. This led to her discovery of the significant role that exercise plays in making menopause a very manageable, and even wonderful time in a woman's life. Susan Megge is the author of "Being Beautiful Beyond 40," a book dedicated to helping women to be inspired, confident and beautiful as they approach menopause.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Women and Childbirth

In today's society, women are often looked up to as strong individuals that play an important role in and around their community. They contribute to numerous functions; from household maintenance and house chores to business and career development, as well as their personal interests like reading, exercise, and shopping, just to name a few. In addition to these contributions, women also play an important role in humanity by serving as birth-givers --- special people who make possible the continuity of the human race.

By bringing into the world healthy offspring... nurturing them with love and care...they become the centers for ensuring biological health, emotional development, and cultural education which are so necessary to ensure the future of each and every child.

As a woman, feeling good and healthy inside and out is equally necessary for her own health and self-development. With this in mind, it is important to understand and be informed about woman's health. Men differ from women in a number of ways, especially with regards to health and fitness. Oftentimes, women require more medical attention than men since most female human beings normally give birth at least once in their lifetime. Unlike men, women are more inclined to feel other ailments, and not just during a high-risk pregnancy. During the time of their pregnancy, a woman's health is so important since any health problem may cause several complications. These complications, in turn, might affect the health of the woman and her baby. Proper attention and medication is a must.

But after pregnancy, the woman should still look out for her health since this is a time for both her and the baby to recuperate from the physical trauma of childbirth --- whether it was a normal delivery or via C-Section. Most mothers also want to remove the extra pounds they gained during the pregnancy and regain their good looks and physical fitness. Of course, adding a few extra pounds is considered to be normal when expecting a child. Surely, women are now more open to the use of weight loss pills to avoid looking fat and “ugly” after childbirth. Looking at some celebrities, for example, they can easily influence some women in society to stay slim and sexy even after childbirth. By staying on a strict diet, coupled with lots of exercise and even self help books, women can attain or regain their beauty and health.

But those who find it hard to lose weight may opt to use weight loss pills. After giving birth, it is essential for a woman to regain her health. A woman's health is significant to her family, herself, and her well-being. A woman should feel good about herself; be happy with her newborn; and go back to her former self with ease and comfort, if possible, without the use of weight loss pills. A woman should not think of what others think of them. Rather, a woman should think of her own good and the good of their newborn child. It is a fact that ideas are based on the expectations and demands of society. But a woman should be true and individualistic if she truly wants to fund liberty and happiness. After giving birth, a woman should consider her baby's health, her proper diet, and yes, even new shoes for the baby.

Indeed, women and childbirth are inseparable facts of human life that even men should know about and appreciate.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Best Piece of Advice I Learned from Katharine Hepburn

The late, great Katharine Hepburn was one Bodacious Woman! Of all the ground breaking things she accomplished, there's one piece of advice she gave that has helped me over and over again. It's this:

Don't over explain; don't over complain.

Hepburn knew it would be tough to be a successful female actress in the male-dominated acting world of the 1930s. She didn't let that dissuade her. She worked hard and smart.

One of her smart, Bodacious Ways was not to express her opinions as if she were giving testimony to a jury. How many good girls do you know who do that? I've seen time and again in the workplace a competent, intelligent woman explain to the nth degree why she made a decision, including all the background events of who said what and who did what and then what happened, and then and then...

I cringe as I watch this competent woman's stature and power seep out of the room. It's just not necessary! In fact, it goes against her entire effort to be thought of as credible and to be taken seriously.

It's so much more powerful to say what you want or what you did, add a few words, and then shut up. If others have questions, they'll ask. And you can decide if and how much to answer.

The same principle applies when it comes to complaining. We all know life isn't always a good time and there's much to gripe about if we want to. But, big-time complainers are downright irritating.

When it's important enough, Bodacious Women do something about it. They take a stand. They go to the person, express how they feel, say their peace, and do their part to cause things to change. Going on and on won't help. In fact, it usually hurts your stance.

When you keep expounding on how awful the event was, how you felt, how it affected others, what that means for your future, how you can't imagine anyone being so mean, and on and on, then you've beaten the other person up so much they either come back with a vengeance or relinquish themselves to your battering and resent you for it.

Bodacious Women honor themselves as well as honor others. Explaining or complaining in deliberate measure honors you. Overdoing it doesn't honor anyone and zaps your bodacious power. Don't over explain, don't over complain. Thanks Katharine.

Author Info:

Mary Foley, author of “Bodacious! Woman: Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Lovin’ It!” and founder of the Bodacious Women’s Club, inspires women to be courageously in charge of their lives. You can be inspired, too! Get her free audio “Live Like Your Nail Color!” today at .

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where to meet Women.-Three places you must go to meet Women

Have you ever resorted to staying home on a Friday or Saturday night to play with your cat? If so, you need to learn where to meet women and you need to learn it fast! It may seem like the world is filled with men when you are a single guy looking for a date. But don't get discouraged - members of the opposite sex can be found in more places than you think. We're going to discuss three places you must go to meet women.

Where you meet a woman is very important if you are looking for a quality partner. You want to meet someone who shares similar hobbies and interests. This way you will have something in common right from the start. Here's one idea - choose to take a class in an area that you find enjoyable. Learn that new hobby you were always fascinated with as a kid or brush up on your current skills in any field you like. Women are attracted to men who are well-rounded and it will be very easy to strike up a conversation in the fun, relaxing atmosphere of a class.

Another idea on where to meet women involves hitting the singles bar as often as possible. Women in the singles bars are most probably there to meet that special someone. Given that meeting women is a numbers game, why not congregate where many of them tend to hang out just waiting to meet someone like you. The loud music, dark lights and sexy atmosphere will also help to further increase your odds.

Last but not least, devote more time to hanging around a college, university or library. Women are attracted to men who are well educated and informed. You will not only learn some facts to impress members of the opposite sex, but also find great opportunities to meet women while doing it. Just look at the current reality show, Beauty and the Geek, and you will see that more and more women are looking for a man who is not just a pretty face.

As you can see, it's fairly easy to know where to meet women once you set your mind to it. Take up an interesting hobby or join a class where you have a great chance of meeting women with similar interests. Better yet, hit the singles bars or spend more time in an educational institution or library.

Whatever method you choose, just make sure you get out and interact with people as much as possible. The woman of your dreams may be just around the corner.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

4 Simple Steps For A Tight, Firm, And Sexy Butt

Getting a tight, firm, and sexy butt doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need any butt firming machines or anything like that. All you need are my top exercises to help you tone your butt. Let's face it, what woman doesn't want a nice butt? With these exercises you're about to read, you'll be able to tone up your butt and thighs and the best part is you don't even have to join a gym to do this. You can do this in the comfort of your own living room, and no one has see you. Just five minutes a day is all it will take. Just follow these exercises and you will tone up your butt in no time to be ready for the beach this summer.

The best exercise for toning your butt is one legged Romanian dead lifts. The name sounds complicated, but the exercise really isn't too difficult, and trust me you'll definitely feel this one.

Step 1: Look straight ahead and balance on 1 foot while kicking the other one slightly behind you. (Make sure you have a slight bend in your knee, this is very important by the way.)

Step 2: Now push your hips and butt back, while simultaneously leaning forward, in keeping your back flat.

( Make sure your back is parallel when you're doing this to the floor. Don't round out your back.)

Step 3: While bending down horizontally try to touch your toes with the foot on the ground. You should really field is starting to burn in your hamstrings

Step- 4: Now focus on tightening up your butt muscles while using them to get yourself back into an upright position Make sure you keep your back flat for all this.

There you go! That was one rep. Now all you need is five to 10 reps with each leg and a couple of sets and your butt and thighs will be burning in no time. At first, you might have trouble balancing on one leg over time you'll get the hang of it. This is a really great exercise for toning your butt and making it feel firm and look sexy.

About the Author

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Older Women Younger Women

Mature women have come to understand their power to freedom, opportunities, and prosperity comes from within, first, then exhibits outwardly. These women don\'t see it as surrendering of their power to reach back and pull others (who are ready to move) up the ladder with them.\" (Excerpt from Younger Women Vs Older Women Leather Spinsters Newsletter February 2002 Edition).

Most women would tell you when they first set out to lasso their careers they were cunning, aggressive, and trusted no one. Those same women would also tell you how many times they banged their heads against the walls of their own making. Thinking they had to be willing to do anything and sacrifice everyone to be the women they desired to be.

Head banging had its benefits. It was the incentive needed for these women to discover success wasn\'t about being deceptive and conniving. Awards of recognition, job descriptions, bonuses, and/or large bank accounts, weren\'t their true definitions of success.

To these women success represented:

1. Purposeful knowing one had something to offer to this world.

2. Feeling confident one was doing their best with life\'s work.

3. Able to meet or exceed goals, no matter how big or small.

As new workers they didn\'t understand the mechanics of creating their own lives by controlling their negative emotions (envy, jealousy, vindictiveness) and relying on their God-given spirit for guidance. They\'ve since learned. No regrets of mistakes; but at the same time, they would be quick to tell other women not to bear them if possible.

There\'s more than enough opportunities to go around to those who want them, something these women learned from experience. They recognized the world around them existed with \"limiting beliefs\" and it was they, as individuals, who had to set their success limits. They now understand better than most, there are no glass ceilings for those who accept no limitations in their lives.

After these women took the blinders off their eyes they saw the truth. No longer did they need to horde or be selfish with each rung (success) occupied on the career ladder. They evolved to see there were no shortages of opportunities for them in this world, nor were there any reasons to feel threatened by the successes of other women.

Today as older but wiser women they can extend a loving hand to anyone qualified and interested in traveling up the career ladder behind them. A far cry from their limited thinking younger selves who didn\'t see they had what it took to be all they could be without trickery.

Their general message to women of any age is, don\'t shortchange yourself with feeling the only way to achieve career goals is through lying, cheating, or sexual favors. Any negative actions, doesn\'t matter how justified you think they are, steals from you.

FYI. The wisdoms shared in this article were shared by gracious women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties. Proof that a person doesn\'t have to be a certain age to be wise.


� Regena English is the editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter for happily unmarried career women and the author of e-book \"Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality\". Reach her at